How much capital do I need to support my lifestyle?

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What Clients are Saying

Derek and the BIM team are the most genuine advisors I’ve ever worked with.

Testimonial – 5

Client’s name: Ross Jordan–Retired business owner

I appreciate the quick feedback and excellent advice from the group and overall I am more than satisfied with the results of my portfolio

Testimonial – 4

Client’s name: Krys Green – Retired bank executive

I feel my investments receive their constant attention….The best decision I ever made was to transfer to their office

Testimonial – 3

Client’s name: D.P.-Retiree

It has been very gratifying to experience how this disciplined approach to wealth accumulation has helped us meet and exceed our financial goals.

Testimonial – 2

Client’s name: Rob and Gail Dietz–Bank executives

Derek and his team took the time to ensure that my children’s financial future was well taken care of and planned out

Testimonial – 1

Client’s name: David & Wendy Anthony–Technology professionals
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Our mandate is to invest your funds in a well-diversified portfolio that provides a steady, predictable and, most importantly, growing source of tax preferred income. Our mission is to fund your retirement needs with the income from your portfolio so that your capital is left untouched to grow, gift or spend – your choice!

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